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Case Studies

3D laser- guided Gluing Inspection System

Kar Ming Industrial Supplies, Co., Ltd.

Karming's 3D laser- guided gluing inspection system addresses the issue inefficiency caused by high deviation from gluing tracking down mechanical positioning and work piece processing size.

Based on multi-point acquisition and processing , the 3D laser-guided glue coating detection system adopts the principle of point-to-line and line-to-plane , and utilizes 3D laser profilometer to conduct multi-point plane fitting of the workpiece and modify the point trajectory with the point motion algorithm of the industrial robot in order to fundamentally solve the problem of workpiece processing.

The imaging principle of 3D laser profilometer establishes a 3D model based on 3D information of the detected workpiece, and then applies the information extracted from the model for image processing, at the end it sends the obtained 3D information to the robot for execution.

The 3D laser profiler is not affected by the surface smoothness, convexity, and concaves. Therefore, this application drives down labor costs, improve efficiency, achieve higher precision, high compatibility, and etc. The great acceptable and applicability demonstrates it takes the lead in the future developments in the field of automotive, electronics, and aerospace.




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