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New Product News

3D Imaging Sensor for Machine Vision

FSI Machine Vision

GS Family of 3D Imaging SensorsFSI Technologies adds a new 3D imaging sensor into its machine vision product line. The GS Family of 3D imaging sensors provides support to a whole new range of robot control and inspection applications.

According to Fred Turek, FSI’s COO, “This represents a nice addition to FSI’s 3D machine vision technologies. The GS 3D images larger objects at longer distances and does so in milliseconds without the cycle time and motion required by scanning-based methods.”

The GS 3D sensors, when used in conjunction with the PowerEye machine vision system, can be used in applications such as bin picking, robotic manipulation, sorting products, mold clearance checking, and space monitoring and object recognition. In addition, the 3D technology will aid in determining spatial positions and measurements.

For more information about the PowerEye tm machine vision systems, powered by Eye Vision Technology software, visit http://www.eyespectorus.com/powereye.html

FSI Technologies is located in Lombard, Illinois and has been a trusted manufacturer of factory automation products since 1959.


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