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Case Studies

3D Guided- Automotive Parts Pick-And-Place

Kar Ming Industrial Supplies, Co., Ltd.

3D Guided-Automotive Parts Pick-And-Place is one of our featured application in the vision system. It is designed for Pick-And-Place on Automotive assembly line guided by 3D machine vision and collaborated by AGV (Automated guided vehicle).

This integrated system is composed of two robots; each of them is installed with Karming’s self-developed binocular 3D vision system.  It successfully completes the Pick-And-Place action of cylinder cover by the extreme preciseness that this system is capable of “picking” the cylinder cover of different model numbers and four different zones and then “placing” it on the designated spot in order according to various needs of assembly line.

After the “picking”, the AGV will send the part to the placing area. After it is in place, the second 3D binocular vision system will capture the cylinder cover orderly and the image processing is for verification.  The “placed” cylinder cover will be once again images captured, 3D positioned and located.

The system is commonly used in material handling, transportation and assembly of various production lines. And it can greatly drive down the production costs as well as automatize the production workshops.


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