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New Product News

3D Acquisision and Processing Wizard

AQSense S.L.

The new AQSENSE's 3D Acquisition and processing wizard has been publicly presented in Stemmer Imaging's booth at the Automatica Show, which have been held in Munich from 22th to 25th May.3D Acquisition and Processing Wizard

With this new software tool anyone can enter the 3D inspection world without the need of any programming skill thus making the development of applications really straight forward.

Configure a camera, obtain the laser peak, generate a cloud of points or mathematically orientate it for further 2D analysis are some of the functionalities which can be easily done by means of its intuitive graphic interface. Thanks to a fast core, based on SAL3D processing power, the 3D wizard carries all the 3D tasks and the user only needs to export the desired result to any standard 2D Tool to make the final measurements.

An initial package containing lots of functionalities and supported cameras such as Photonfocus MV1-D2048x1088-3D03 or Automation Technology C4-4090-GigE will be soon available at www.aqsense.com. But following AQSENSE's engagement with the industry needs, much more is yet to come with more options and functionalities added to ensure that this tool becomes the best option to enter 3D machine vision.

AQSENSE develops and commercializes 3D point cloud acquisition and processing libraries that allow high speed in-line 100% production inspection for the Machine Vision Industry. AQSENSE’s customized applications and engineering solutions are supported with training and seminars. Feasibility studies for 3D integration include the evaluation of cameras, lasers and hardware configuration.


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