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100 Percent Optical In-line Web Inspection and Yield Management: Solutions to Increase Quality and Processing Efficiency


At K Show 2013 in Dusseldorf, ISRA VISION – the provider of leading-edge optical in-line inspection systems – will present its latest solutions in surface inspection for the plastic film, converting and print industry. The systems are designed to find every defect and, together with intelligent tools, make an important contribution to increase processing efficiency.

SMASH surface inspection systems are used in all process steps. The system securely detects problems with substrates with or without coatings during extrusion. Plastic films can be examined for defects such as holes, stains or vulnerabilities which affect their permeability. In order to achieve the highest level of quality in paper, film or metal, inspection during the coating and painting process is ideal for detecting all typical defects to prevent waste. Defects are reliably detected, classified as well as documented, and a protocol is created with defect statistics, roller notes and defect images. The producer can quickly react to problems as they occur before valuable material is wasted.

The highly developed optical inspection systems have successfully established a standard for detection of defects in all converting processes. The technological enhancement with innovative and unique tools offers users the ability to detect missing structural elements in materials. The innovative methods "Missing-Feature-Detection" (MFD) allows for the inspection of structured materials and the identification of
missing features. Consequently, functional properties such as missing features may safely be detected - which is unique in the market so far. Special image analyzing algorithms work in real-time to offer a wider range of analyzing tools, which allows users to find defects and irregularities on even the most difficult material structures. By applying highly developed algorithms of the "Pattern Suppression" process, defects may be detected on structured materials by hiding structural strips so that light and dark defect spots are found.

The PrintSTAR intelligent 100% print inspection solution makes a significant contribution to ensure correct print jobs and reduce production costs in the web printing industry. It functions with a scalable number of cameras - up to highest speed. By using the "Golden Master" principle, every repeat of the entire production run is inspected. Print inspection can also be extended to inspect additional added value applications, such as coating applications and front and backside print inspection. Besides offering the market leading 100%
Print inspection, PrintSTAR also provides a number of additional functionalities that support the operator during the run of the machine.

Color monitoring with ColorWATCH and Advanced Streak Detection with ASD+ are a few out of a wide selection of feature choices. One of the new functions that will be launched at K Show 2013 is the control
of the lateral web movement to align slitting knifes and maintain a clear and registered cut thru out the production process.

The fully-automated systems find all optical defects with ultimate precision. The low-maintenance and networked systems are based on the most modern technology and are constructed in a modular and
flexible fashion both in their hardware and software designs. This way adaptation to each customer's situation and tasks, regardless of line speed, web width and the installation circumstances is easy. The
system can easily cope with frequent material changes, as the handling of different product or material related recipes is very flexible.

System components are protected from contamination, are fail-safe and can be easily exchanged. The use of modern camera and lighting technology ensures that the smallest and lowest-contrast material
defects will be found. Besides monochrome line scan cameras, stateof-the-art color cameras are used that can reliably identify previously invisible or very low contrast defects. The optimum detection of smallest defects is assured using the latest special and patented lighting techniques such as fast switchable multi-mode, multi-view LEDs.

Users will benefit from a significant improvement in quality very early within the processing steps. This saves resources and minimizes scrap. In addition, tools to optimize production like slit-optimization or
rewind controller generate additional benefit by increasing the overall processing efficiency. The inspection solutions guarantee constant quality with defined standards. Customer specifications can be flawlessly fulfilled. This increases trust, improves customer relations and manufacturers can enter new markets with the best, high-quality goods. Value and sustainability through inspection and process
optimization along the entire production chain.

For a personal presentation and further information on the products for the plastic film, converting and print industry visit ISRA VISION at K Show 2013, Dusseldorf in hall 10, booth 10H20.

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