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Circaflex by Cyth Systems

Cyth Systems, Inc.

Circaflex is a family of off-the-shelf control systems, prototyping boards, and signal conditioning modules which combine to make customized embedded control systems based on the National Instruments RIO platform. Each Circaflex product is designed to support a variety of sensors and devices commonly used in industrial, medical, and biotech device development. Using Circaflex, engineers and scientists can develop feature-packed control systems for prototyping or deployment, which can be developed or modified in just days without the risk and cost of custom designed control systems!

There are two main groupings in the Circaflex family, the Circaflex 300 series and the Circaflex 500 series. The Circaflex 300 series is our newest and most versatile product family based on 3rd Generation NI RIO System on Module (SOM). Featuring a Xilinx Zynq as a dual ARM A9 processor with an FPGA and shared memory. These control systems pack a serious punch as the center of a medical device or industrial equipment. The Circaflex 500 series is built on the 2nd Generation of NI Single-Board RIO products, including the sbRIO-9605, 9606, 9626, 9627, 9636, and 9637. And as of 2015, the Circaflex 500 series are now compatible with the 97XX series of the Zynq based sbRIO!

Accompanying the Circaflex boards are the Circaflex expansion modules. These are discrete components that have individual types of inputs and outputs that make use of the TTL I/O on the RIO platform. These modules give you the flexibility to instantly customize your Circaflex board. Every expansion module is off-the-shelf and ready-to-use with accompanying Circaflex module drivers.

Ultimately, Circaflex can get you to market faster, cheaper, and with less risk! Contact Cyth today!

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