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New Product News

Easy-to-integrate OEM Parking Management Kit

Vision Components GmbH

Carrida fully automatic OEM parking management with remote access via GUI and data logging allows full control of cameras and configurations from handheldsEmbedded imaging expert Vision Components from Germany has developed Carrida Parking Management: a flexible fully automatic stand-alone ALPR/ANPR SW module for parking management on company grounds (e.g. banks, airports, hotels, ports), in residential areas, or shopping malls. The OEM solution automatically recognizes all plates displayed in one image and vehicle plates in several lanes simultaneously. The system comprises Vision Components’ own Carrida Cam in combination with a web-based parking management software module. It allows for comfortable remote access via Web GUI, for instance from tablets or other handhelds, and runs in networks with other equipment such as under vehicle scanners (UVSS), ticket printers, and barriers.

The tool detects and reads license number plates on vehicles approaching a barrier or gate, then processes the data and decides on a subsequent action (e.g. opening or closing a gate) based on a black/white list. Detailed lists allow access monitoring via number plate logging, vehicle color, vehicle type, and many more. Carrida parking management works 24/7 all year round in any weather or lighting conditions and integrates a worldwide ALPR/ANPR data bank for number plates from different countries. It reliably identifies even dirty, damaged, or skewed number plates with a typical processing time of 150 ms and a typical recognition accuracy of more than 96%. Carrida parking management is easy-to-integrate into existing barrier systems or infrastructures but can also be deployed separately. Multiple cameras with a master-slave configuration control all exits and entrances in any given application. A real-time-clock ensures internal data logging with precise time stamping. All collected data is archived and available for statistics and monitoring. Carrida software can be customized and adapted according to application requirements and is optionally available inside a board or cased camera.

About Vision Components
Founded in 1996 by Michael Engel, inventor of the first intelligent camera for industrial applications, Vision Components GmbH is a leading supplier in the field of machine vision. Branches and distributors represent the Ettlingen-based company worldwide in more than 25 countries. Vision Components develops and distributes intelligent, network-compatible real-time Smart Cameras which are able to operate without a PC. These embedded vision solutions can be easily integrated into almost any machine or plant. Customers can choose between models with ARM processors and VC Linux firmware or DSP-based models with the proprietary VCRT operating system. The product portfolio includes Smart Cameras with or without a protective housing, single board cameras, and vision sensors. Vision Components also develops custom-tailored machine vision solutions for a wide range of applications. Amongst others, typical applications include quality inspection and automation. Furthermore, VC provides free software libraries for many applications including license plate recognition, motion capture, decoding, measurement, and positioning.

Company Contact
Miriam Schreiber
Tel: +49 7243 / 216 716


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