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Case Studies

Deco Lighting Incorporates Near-Field Measurement System for In-House LED Fixture Testing

Radiant Vision Systems

About Deco Lighting
Southern California-based Deco Lighting is renowned for its innovative and intelligent LED lighting solutions. Used in commercial, municipal, and government installations throughout the US and the world, the company’s product line includes a vast array of architectural and commercial lights, luminaires, controls, and fixtures to accommodate a broad range of installations.

Deco Lighting is driven by a commitment to innovation, quality, and “Customer First” service. As a testament to this commitment, the company has incorporated a ProMetric® Near-Field Measurement System (PM-NFMS) by Radiant Vision Systems into its R&D process. The NFMS enables in-house generation of IES files and validation of third party data, which allows Deco to shorten its product development cycle and ensure timely delivery of its products to customers. The system also serves to validate product specifications.

Continuous Improvement
Photometric data files (IES files) containing information on luminance intensity and light distribution are generated for every lighting product. This information is used by lighting designers to improve and optimize their product designs, and by architects to determine the appropriate products and fixture spacing for an installation. Prior to the addition of the NFMS, all IES files were generated for Deco by a third party certification lab, where product samples were submitted for testing, and results returned within a matter of weeks.

Deco Lighting President Ben Pouladian recognized an opportunity to shorten development time and deliver faster, better service to customers by increasing the company’s in-house capabilities.

The ability to generate IES files on premise would minimize delays resulting from product changes, reducing dependency on third party labs to only final product certification. “This will provide our customers with instant access to accurate test data in the ever-changing world of LED performance,” noted Pouladian.

Radiant’s NFMS enables Deco Lighting to further innovate and test its cutting-edge LED fixtures in-house.

Imaging Solution Brings Additional Benefits
Radiant’s NFMS system measures brightness and intensity as a function of viewing angle. The system consists of three key components: an imaging photometer, goniometer, and software. Deco’s configuration comprises a ProMetric Y2 imaging photometer, a 2MP camera that is specially calibrated to replicate human response to brightness, to capture a near-field model of the light source which is interpolated out to the far field via the software; the light itself is mounted on a two-axis goniometer, which adjusts its angular position relative to the imaging photometer; and the software controls both the photometer and the goniometer during the measurement sequence.

The NFMS consists of a two-axis goniometer and ProMetric imaging photometer, combined with powerful control and analysis software.

The NFMS fulfills Deco’s requirements for generating IES files and brings additional benefits to the process. Capturing a complete near-field model of the light source, the NFMS provides comprehensive data to that can be analyzed through a variety of quantitative tests in the software. This allows Deco to provide more detailed data than is provided in a standard IES file to customers with specific light performance requirements.

Deco Lighting strives to deliver superior value to its customers, and the adoption of advanced technologies such as the NFMS clearly
demonstrates this goal. Committed to innovation and quality, it is no surprise that Deco Lighting’s customers include many of the world’s leading commercial brands.


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