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Flea3 FL3-U3-20E4 Model Cameras

FLIR Systems, Inc.

Point Grey Expands Flea®3 USB3 Vision Camera Family with 2 MP Global Shutter CMOS from e2v Point Grey, a global leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative, high-performance digital cameras, today announced the addition of a new 2 MP global shutter CMOS model to its popular line of Flea3 USB3 Vision cameras.
The Flea3 FL3-U3-20E4 models are based on color and monochrome versions of the EV76C570 Sapphire sensor from e2v. This sensor has an optical format of 1/1.8", similar to the 1.3 MP EV76C560 sensor featured in the FL3-U3-13E4, allowing existing EV76C560 users to upgrade without affecting optics.  The FL3-U3-20E4 uses a global shutter CMOS sensor featuring 4.5 micron square pixels capable of 1600 x 1200 resolution at 59 FPS, and provides smear and distortion-free imaging. Users can also access an electronic rolling shutter mode for lower noise and improved dynamic range.

The Flea3 measures just 29x29x30 mm in size and offers a host of unique features, including temperature, power, and status monitoring; a powerful image processing pipeline for color interpolation, look up table, and gamma;  a 32 MByte frame buffer for retransmitting images; and USB3 Vision support. Like all Point Grey USB 3.0 cameras, the Flea3 uses a proprietary USB 3.0 link layer and frame buffer-based architecture for optimal performance and reliability, and comes with a 3-year warranty.

“Flea3 was our very first USB 3.0 camera family and since its launch back in 2011 we’ve added a number of models ranging from 1.3 MP up to 8.8 MP,” says Michael Gibbons, Director of Sales and Marketing at Point Grey. “This new model is a cost effective upgrade for existing 1.3 MP Flea3 USB 3.0 users and also offers more choice to users who are interested in global shutter CMOS sensors. It is an ideal camera for applications in industrial inspection, 3D imaging and bioscience.”

The Flea3 FL3-U3-20E4 is list priced at $795/EUR625 and is available to order now from Point Grey, its network of distributors, and the online store (for North American, EU and Australian customers).

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