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New Product News

New Laser Product Line Launched Addressing Expanding Market of Machine Vision Customers

ProPhotonix Limited

ProPhotonix has developed a complete family of laser modules to address the increasing market demand for drop-in laser replacements to existing and new machine vision applications, solidifying the Company’s position as a world-leader in lasers and LED systems for the Machine Vision market.

The 3D PRO Laser™ and 3D PRO Laser Mini™ have been designed using a standard cylindrical form factor for seamless integration into existing systems. Both models are available in a wide range of power and optical configurations in two standard industry footprints.

The 3D PRO Laser™ is 19mm in diameter, compatible with the majority of existing Machine Vision systems, enabling trouble-free replacement of existing structured light lasers. The 3D PRO Laser Mini™, 10mm in diameter, is specifically designed for applications where space within equipment is at a premium. Both laser types are available with a customer-specified fixed focus, in addition, the 3D Pro (19mm model) has the option for an externally adjustable focus if more flexibility is required.

3D PRO lasers offer excellent uniformity with line widths down to 15μm which is ideal for inspection applications that demand a high degree of accuracy. They are available with output powers up to 150 mW and fan angles between 10° and 90°. Wavelengths range from 405nm to 850nm and include 635 nm and 660 nm. Electronic options consist of TTL modulation up to 1MHz and Analogue power control for intensity adjustment. The 3D PRO range is available in a wide variety of line and diffractive optic options for the projection of complex patterns. 

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