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NI Employee Joins Board of the Society for Machinery Failure Prevention Technology

National Instruments

At last week’s Conference of the Society for Machinery Failure Prevention Technology (MFPT) conference, an NI presence on the Society’s Board of Directors was unanimously approved. Preston Johnson, the global program manager for asset monitoring systems at NI, will fill the position of chair of the Data Management Focus Group. Johnson has been a regular contributor to MFPT conferences for several years, playing a pivotal role at MFPT events in promoting and applying science and technology to improve the efficiency and reliability of critical machines.  In his position on the board, Johnson will promote the importance of Data Management in the Condition Monitoring community and lead a worldwide network of Data Management subject matter experts to pursue advancements and implementation of related tools and capabilities.

“NI continues to push innovation and productivity forward in the asset monitoring industry,” said Chris Pomfret, executive director of MFPT. “Their graphical system design approach, combined with modular hardware and software tools for machine monitoring and prognostics, makes it much easier to prevent failures. Moreover, we have appreciated NI’s corporate membership in MFPT over the past several years, which has enabled the Society to provide quality events at an affordable price.”

MFPT is a non-profit professional society with a 45-year legacy of promoting failure prevention technology. The MFPT community includes professional scientists, engineers, failure analysts, maintenance specialists and others who represent a wide variety of disciplines from government agencies, universities, research institutes, and industry.

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