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New Product News

AC62KUSB Endoscope Camera

BAP Image Systems, LLC

The AC62KUSB endoscope camera works with the 62.5k pixels NanEye sensor from AWAIBA. The camera electronic with its size of ca. 50 x 22mm is extremely small. Due to the intelligent design and the adjusted components control, heating can be enormously reduced.

The camera electronic is based on DSP from Texas Instrument and Xilinx FPGA and power supply is given via USB2.0. Power supply of this electronic is 5V from USB host. Pictures, set up and software updates are transferred via USB2.0 to the host, where two independent working cameras can be connected. Because of the tiny size of the AC62KUSB camera electronic, the de-Bayering algorithm for color version of the endoscope camera is done at the host.

For an excellent image quality, the camera controls the lighting. On the sensor edges, there are four LED lights installed; the luminous intensity of each LED light is independently controlled. With 44 frs per second, our endoscope camera can generate color and grayscale images. The scanned images are uncompressed in TIFF format.

Technical description:

  • Two inputs for sensor from Awaiba
  • 62,5k pixels (250 x 250)
  • Bit depth: 10-bit color
  • Control board dimensions: 47 x 22 x 10mm
  • Speed: up to 44 fps
  • Interfaces: - USB 2.0
                        - RS-232 with TTL logic level
  • Power supply: 5V from USB host

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