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New Product News

PCIE4CXP2 Frame Grabber

BAP Image Systems, LLC


PCIE4CXP2 Frame Grabber

The electronic of the PCIE4CXP2, which can be used in a PC as a standard PCIexpress x4 card, allows a rapid communication between the camera and the workstation. This board was designed for high speed line capture applications as well as high-resolution area scan cameras. The product is optimized for quality control and production lines applications.

Our latest innovation is our PCIE8CXP4 Frame Grabber which has 4 PCIexpress interfaces.

Technical Description:

  • Cameras can work freelance
  • Separate I/O for each camera
  • Cable length up to 25 meters is supported
  • PCI Express x8 rev. 2.0 interface (also works in x16 slots)
  • On-board memory up to 4GB (DDR-3) available at frame grabber board
  • Acquire variable length frames from line scan camera
  • Supports up to two CXP cameras
  • Provides power for all cameras (up to 13W per camera)
  • Provides Safe Power (full protection against short circuits, unconnected camera etc.)
  • Supports mutli-link CXP cameras (up to two links)
  • Supports CXP speed: 5 Gbps (possible dilation to CXP speed standard from 1.25 to 5 Gbps)

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