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New Product News

Enhanced Imagery Stability and Tracking for TASE Gimbal Family

Collins Aerospace, a UTC Company

PARIS AIR SHOW -- Goodrich Corporation (NYSE: GR), has introduced a second generation video processing solution - the VPS II. Bringing together video processing, image stabilization and target tracking in a small low power system, this new product will greatly increase the stability and image range of the Goodrich TASE gimbal family produced at Goodrich's ISR Systems business in Hood River, Oregon (Cloud Cap Technology) or similar gimbaled camera systems developed by other manufacturers.

Combining new hardware and circuitry with extremely effective new software algorithms, VPS II will provide unprecedented stability in imagery from moving camera systems. In addition to the stability improvements, the system will provide sophisticated new tracking solutions allowing users to designate and track objects along complex paths, when they are concealed and when the object is transitioning (such as a person getting into a car).

This second generation system now enables objects to be identified more easily and from a greater distance, due to the level of stabilization of the image taken from moving platforms such as UAVs, towers and manned aircraft.

Goodrich Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, is a global supplier of systems and services to aerospace, defense and homeland security markets. With one of the most strategically diversified portfolios of products in the industry, Goodrich serves a global customer base with significant worldwide manufacturing and service facilities.

Goodrich Corporation operates through its divisions and as a parent company for its subsidiaries, one or more of which may be referred to as "Goodrich Corporation" in this press release.

SOURCE Goodrich Corporation; GR - Electronic Systems

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