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Vision for Service Robots Report Now Available from Vision Systems Design

Vision Systems Design

Vision for Service Robots Report Now Available from Vision Systems Design

Nashua, NH  - Vision Systems Design, the leading media brand covering machine vision and image processing for engineering and design professionals, announced today that its new VISION FOR SERVICE ROBOTS report is now available.

The VISION FOR SERVICE ROBOTS report identifies multiple near-term market opportunities for vision components and systems in service robots totaling several billion dollars, and even greater opportunities in the longer term due to the greater volume of unit sales expected for service robots (in the millions) compared to industrial robots (in the tens of thousands). The 120-page report assesses 17 markets and 53 sub-markets for vision in service robots, from land-based to marine and aerial applications, and forecasts the potential volume of sales that can be expected in each market segment.

The report provides a comprehensive review of technologies, markets, and opportunities for suppliers of vision components and systems, vision subsystem integrators, technology researchers, universities looking to commercialize their intellectual property, service robot manufacturers, subsystem OEMs, turnkey solution integrators, the financial investment community, and companies and organizations interested in entering these 17 different service robot market segments. To view a PDF of the report’s table of contents, visit http://www.vision-systems.com/content/dam/VSD/VSD%20Marketing/VisionForServiceRobots_TOC.pdf.

This in-depth report, which was researched and written over an eight-month period by Adil Shafi, president of Advenovation (www.advenovation.com) and well-known authority on vision-guided robotics, and Conard Holton, Editor-in-Chief of Vision Systems Design (www.vision-systems.com), states that military, agriculture, mining, healthcare, construction, surveillance and toys are among the key markets predicted to bring growth opportunities to suppliers of vision components and integrators building service robots. For example, remote operated vehicles (ROVs) equipped with machine vision carry out critical operations in offshore oil and gas drilling, construction, inspection, maintenance, repair, salvage and retrieval, and cleaning and containment of spills. More than 5,000 ROVs are installed and more than 1,000 are expected to be sold in the next three years, creating a near-term market opportunity for vision components and subsystems in excess of $100 million.

According to the report, some of the primary vision technologies used in service robots are: structured light systems, two-camera stereo systems, time-of-flight sensors, lidar, and single-lens camera systems. Other sensing/locating technologies may be combined with the vision components to provide even more information to the robots, including GPS navigation, radar, sonar, and inertial guidance. For more sophisticated robots, simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) is critical to build maps of unknown environments or to update maps within known environments, while at the same time keeping track of the current location of the robot.

A free executive summary, overview of market opportunities and examples of financial details included in the report, frequently asked questions, table of contents and ordering information are available online at http://www.vision-systems.com/research-reports.html#order.

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