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Seeing 3D with Just One camera – Now Even Easier


Exact positional gauging in six degrees of freedom using just one camera with GigE
3D/6D robot vision technology from ISRA
VISION provides spatial vision with only one camera. All six degrees of freedom of a three-dimensional object can be precisely determined with our MONO3D system. The system which has been proven in many applications is now available with GigE technology. This shows even greater benefits for compact systems, especially in network uses, and provides compelling cost advantages.

The MONO3D system provides, among other things, the ability to be deployed for a growing variety of automotive industry parts applications, offering safe and extremely economical solutions for robotic applications. Highly efficient, space saving and cost efficient solutions which automotive manufacturers have already come to appreciate.

Using only one camera, the 3D/6D position recognition technology makes it possible to determine the position of even complex components. Only three object features are needed to determine this. This makes it possible to determine 3D position data even in high production cycles for individual parts as well as complete manufacturing lines. Additional measurement features increase accuracy.
Our MONO3D system is now available with GigE technology. The clearly increased performance characteristics with the deployment of Gigabit Ethernet technology have led to a sensational innovation in 3D robot vision guidance. Compact and high-performance embedded PC’s provide the needed calculation power.

The ability to connect to a network allows easy operation of several cameras within one system. By using Ethernet TCP/IP-based standards, the cameras can be easily connected to existing network systems. This supports data rates of up to 1,000 Mbit/sec. Even the range has been increased. The robots can communicate over the network with the image processing systems. This makes it possible to transmit assignments and transfers the results directly to the robot via the Gigabit Ethernet. The system’s high degree of flexibility leads to significant cost advantages.

Because of its extremely compact design and simple data exchange in the network, the flexibility and performance of the MONO3D systems are significantly higher than so-called ‘smart cameras’—with much better evaluation times. Their lower operating costs open up many more areas of application.The effort needed to implement the systems is very low, as the system is quite straightforward. Since there is a low space requirement, the systems can be easily integrated in the current production environment. Using GigE technology, the system is even more attractive for many additional applications. 

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