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New Product News

SVCam-HR Improved and Upgraded with New Models


SVS-VISTEK presents the 11MP svs11002SVS-VISTEK’s successful camera line “SVCam-HR” has again been improved and upgraded with new models.

The frame rate of the CameraLink-version of the svs11002 has been increased and delivers now 10 frames per second.  Two new products, the svs8050 and the svs4050 with dual GigE-Vision interface have just been launched on the market. Our HR-series just then hits the mark when an application demands high camera resolutions and fast image transmission times. Two Gigabit-Ethernet exits allow up to 240 MB/s – enough bandwidth to take advantage from 4-tap sensors in an optimal way.

“Each millisecond which has been saved during the image transmission leaves more space for the evaluation or increases the production throughput”, explains Andreas Schaarschmidt, Director Sales and Marketing of SVS-VISTEK.

Our innovations in detail
At the VISION show 2009 the SVCam-svs8050, an 8 mega pixel camera, that works with dual Gigabit-Ethernt-technology and provides up to 20 fps, has been presented for the first time.  The svs8050 has been received with great interest and therefore we use this platform also for another interesting sensor with a resolution of 4 mega pixel. 

The new SVCam-HR member, the svs4050, will achieve approximately 39 frames per second and is one of the fastest cameras in this category.

The new HR models are equipped with two Gigabit-Ethernet-interfaces so that the whole bandwidth of a 4-tap CCD-sensor can be used. This technology works in compliance with the convention of the “Link Aggregation Group (LAG)”. The cameras work with high-quality interline-CCD progressive-scan sensors from Kodak™. Because of its long-time experience SVS-VISTEK succeeds to exploit the maximum of frame rate and quality of these sensors. Our configuration software allows operating these cameras also in slower 1- or 2-tap mode with only one GigE-interface. The cameras are available as monochrome or colour version. 

The optical interface is a M58 or M42 thread, F- or C-Mount adapter. Areas of application for these cameras are e.g. print inspection, PCB inspection, solar-, wafer- and semiconductor industry as well as optical metrology.

For camera configuration and system integration comfortable software tools are delivered. SVS-VISTEK’s camera configuration software “SVCapture” allows adjusting various camera parameters such as “free-running” or “triggered”. In addition I/Os are provided which can be controlled via a GigE-interface. Functions like Auto-gain or Auto-Exposure and multi-casting are provided in the SDK and Driver. They are available for XP 32 + 64 Bit, Windows 7 and for Linux. 

SVS-VISTEK is an innovative manufacturer of industrial cameras, a reliable supplier of components for machine vision purposes, and a specialist for highly integrated imaging systems and solutions.
Founded in 1987 SVS-VISTEK has more than 20 years of comprehensive experience in the machine vision market. Since 1999 the company has been developing and manufacturing its own digital cameras. To this day 100% of SVS-VISTEK’s cameras are designed and manu-factured near Munich in Seefeld, Germany. SVS-VISTEK offers global sales and support through a world-wide network of highly skilled partners.

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