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Global Vision Standards Update is a quarterly newsletter of the AIA that shares information on our industry’s standards.

The Director's View
Hello! I hope your summer (or winter down under) is going well. The AIA staff has been busy promoting our industry and I am excited to share some of the key highlights:
  • Successful International Vision Standards booths at The Vision Show in Boston and the first Korea Vision Show
  • Release of the Camera Link HS specification v1.0
  • Completion of the first draft of USB3 Vision specification, currently in development with the technical committee

Read on for more details on all these exciting happenings and other interesting news.

Standards Activities at The Vision Show in Boston
I hope you all had a chance to make it to The Vision Show in Boston and experience first-hand all the vendors’ exhibits and our massive International Vision Standards booth, featuring over 70 feet of demonstrations from the AIA, EMVA (European Machine Vision Association) and JIIA (Japan Industrial Imaging Association). The scope of the exhibit, with fantastic support from the many vendors providing demonstration hardware/software/devices, was very impressive.  In particular, I would like to thank the following companies:

Camera Link HS: 3M, CEI, Intercon 1, Mikrotron, Silicon Software and Teledyne DALSA

Camera Link: Bitflow, CEI, Euresys, Imperx, and JAI

GigE Vision:
Cameras/Devices/Software: Allied Vision Technologies, Basler, GEViCAM, JAI, Matrix Vision, Photonfocus, Pleora, Point Grey, Sony, SVS-Vistek, Teledyne DALSA, Toshiba TELI and Vieworks
Software: MathWorks, MVTec
Lenses: Edmund Optics, Schneider Optics
Cables: 3M, CEI, Intercon 1

GenTL: Active Silicon, Allied Vision Technologies, MathWorks, Matrix Vision, MVTec

Another significant event was the delivery of a class on Camera Interface Technologies, featuring talks from each of the Committee Chairs from the following standards:

GenICam – Fritz Dierks, Basler Vision Technologies
CoaXPress – Chris Beynon, Active Silcon
GigE Vision – Eric Carey, Teledyne DALSA
Camera Link & Camera Link HS – Steve Kinney, JAI
USB3 Vision – Eric Gross, National Instruments

A big thank you to the Committee Chairs for their time and dedication to each of their standards and their efforts at the show.

Camera Link held its Coordinating Committee meeting where the bulk of the meeting focused on the report-out from the Camera Link HS Subcommittee. Additionally, the committee discussed overall enforcement actions for proper use and licensing of the Camera Link logo.

GigE Vision held its Coordinating Committee meeting, focusing mostly on business related to the recent release of the v2.0 specification and the validation framework.  

The USB3 Vision Technical Committee held an open meeting to present its latest status and answer any questions from interested parties.

International Vision Standards Booth at First Korea Show
Last year the AIA signed a memorandum of understanding with the Korea Machine Vision Industrial Association (KMVIA) to advance the understanding and use of imaging and vision technologies. One element of this agreement involves mutual support for tradeshows.  In an effort to support the KMVIA, the AIA, along with JIIA, participated in an International Vision Standards Booth.  The show was well run and demonstrates that the Korean vision industry is a strong and growing part of the global vision market.

AIA Standards Webinar
AIA hosted a webinar titled “What’s New in AIA Vision Standards” on June 27th. It covered an overview of the global vision standards framework and an update on the latest status on AIA standards.  Go to AIA’s website, Vision Online, to view the archived webinar.

Update on AIA’s New Free Distribution of Vision Standards
As previously mentioned, the AIA now distributes all its standards free of charge. We have had a tremendous response and distribution of standards has increased by over 500% compared with previous years. We are confident that this will drive growth in our industry.

Camera Link HS v1.0 Released
Camera Link HSThe Camera Link HS Technical Subcommittee made a big splash at The Vision Show in Boston with the official release of v1.0 of the Camera Link HS specification.

The standard includes definition of a 2,100 MB/s copper cable and 1,200 MB/s fiber optic cable, with up to 8 cables possible. The fiber optic option allows cable lengths of up to 10,000 meters.

The Technical Committee is almost complete with a reference design which will be available for purchase through the AIA. This Intellectual Property (IP) core will enable companies to get a quick start on Camera Link HS development and guarantees product interoperability, which, in turn, reduces support costs.  This core is in its final testing and will be available in the coming weeks.

USB3 Vision Draft Standard Created
The USB3 Vision Technical Committee has been hard at work and has produced its first draft of this new standard.  The group has been burning the midnight oil hammering out the fine details.  They are on track to produce v1.0 of the specification by the end of 2012, with a target of having a very mature release candidate in the review and approval process and initial products available by VISION 2012 in Stuttgart.

How You Can Get Involved with AIA Industry Standards
How You Can Get Involved with AIA Industry StandardsThe AIA-hosted standards working committees are made up of a large group of companies who develop product for our industry. This dedicated group of people lends their time and expertise to advancing standards to benefit suppliers and customers alike.

The GigE Vision Committee is currently chaired by Eric Carey, R&D Director at Teledyne DALSA and Geoff Roddick, Manager of Applications Engineering at Pleora Technologies.

The Camera Link Committee is currently chaired by Steve Kinney, Director of Technical Pre-Sales & Support at JAI and Reynold Dodson, President at BitFlow, Inc. The Camera Link HS Subcommittee is chaired by Mike Miethig, Technical Manager at Teledyne DALSA.

The USB3 Vision Committee is chaired by Eric Gross, Senior Software Engineer - Vision at National Instruments.

Bob McCurrach is AIA’s Director of Standards Development and supports and oversees the committee work. If your company would like to get involved and contribute to standards development work, please contact Bob McCurrach or call + 1 734-994-6088.

For details on becoming an AIA member, visit Become a Member.

More information on Vision Standards can be found on Vision Online.

Camera Link, PoCL, PoCL-Lite, Camera Link HS, GigE Vision, and USB3 Vision are the registered trade names and trademarks of the AIA. GenICam is the trade name and trademark of the European Machine Vision Association (EMVA). CoaXPress is the trade name and trademark of the Japan Industrial Imaging Association (JIIA).



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