Global Vision Standards Update

Global Vision Standards Update is a quarterly newsletter of the AIA that shares information on our industry's standards.

Bob McCurrach, AIA Director of Standards DevelopmentThe Director's View

Hello! Here are some of the key highlights for AIA standards:

  • Very successful standards activities at The Vision Show in Boston in April 2014
  • Global Machine Vision Interface Standard Brochure now available on AIA Vision Online!
  • Fall 2014 International Vision Standards Meeting (IVSM) to be hosted by JIIA in Yokohama in October
  • Latest News for Camera Link, Camera Link HS, GigE Vision and USB3 Vision standards
  • Latest Global Lighting Standard Activities
  • AIA's 2014 PlugFest dates

Read on for more details on all these happenings and other interesting news.

Standards Activities at The Vision Show in Boston

The Vision Show in Boston, Massachusetts in April 2014 was a very busy venue for Vision standards activities. AIA hosted the International Vision Standards booth with an impressive display of interoperable products from the following companies:

GigE Vision: USB3 Vision:
  • A&B Software
  • Advanced illumination
  • Components Express, Inc.
  • Edmund Optics
  • Intercon 1
  • JAI
  • MVTec Software GmbH
  • Point Grey
  • Sensor to Image GmbH
  • Teledyne DALSA
  • Toshiba Teli Corporation
  • Alysium-Tech America LLC
  • Basler AG
  • Baumer Optronic GmbH
  • Components Express, Inc.
  • Intercon 1
  • National Instruments
  • Newnex Technology Corp.
  • Point Grey
  • Sentech Co., Ltd.

The Coordinating Committees for Camera Link, Camera Link HS, GigE Vision, and USB3 Vision met to discuss the latest hot topics for their respective standards. Read below for updates on these standards.

Additionally, AIA chaired a meeting discussing future enhancements to JIIA's global lighting standard. Again, more on this below.

Global Machine Vision Interface Standard Brochure Available on AIA Vision Online!

As previously reported, AIA worked closely with its global standards partners EMVA and JIIA on a project to help educate and promote vision standards across the globe. Through a working group named the Future Standards Forum (FSF), the AIA project managed the creation of a brochure which describes all the vision standards from a user perspective, covering:

  • What vision standards are and why they are useful
  • What are the major hardware vision standards
  • What are the major software vision standards
  • Comparison tables of both hardware and software standards
This brochure is now available on the AIA website for viewing as a .pdf or you can request a hard copy to be mailed to you. See more online. Response to this brochure has been overwhelmingly positive so check it out!

Fall 2014 International Vision Standards Meetings

The Fall IVSM is being hosted by JIIA in Yokohama, Japan the week of October 6th, 2014. The activities will include technical committee meetings for GigE Vision, GenICam, USB3 Vision and CoaXPress, as well as a Future Standards Forum Meeting and an open PlugFest. The AIA standards meetings are for Technical Committee members only. The schedule is:

Monday, October 6
Tuesday, October 7
Wednesday, October 8
Thursday, October 9
Friday, October 10

PlugFest/Future Standards Forum
GigE Vision/CoaXPress
USB3 Vision/CoaXPress

Latest News for Camera Link, Camera Link HS, GigE Visionand USB3 Vision Standards

Camera LinkCamera Link:

  • Defining Camera Link on FPGA requirements and testing

Camera Link HS:
Camera Link HS

  • Continuing work on CLHS Rev 2, Multiple ROI, data types/bit depths within single frame
  • Clarifying Rev1 specification requirements as products move through compliance stages
  • X protocol IP core work on going for the inclusion of Forward Error Correction (FEC) function
  • M protocol IP core bug fixed when command message started immediately after video message.

GigE Vision:
GigE Vision

  • Additional mechanical requirements for locking connectors similar to USB3 Vision requirements
  • 3D Pixel formats

USB3 Vision:

  • USB3High frame rate optimization
  • Multiple image streams
  • Cable compliance testing

Global Lighting Standard Activities

A number of lighting companies across the globe have contacted AIA and EMVA regarding future enhances to standards covering LED and laser lighting. AIA and EMVA are in the process of forming working groups to help support JIIA, who is the global host of lighting standards. Current topics under discussion include:

  1. Performance Metrics - LED Lighting
  2. Performance Metrics - Lasers
  3. Standard Light Connector
  4. Lighting Command and Control
  5. Photo-Biological Safety for LEDs and Lasers

The group’s objective is to standardize items in these categories to help expand and promote the market for LED and laser lighting in machine vision. The idea behind performance metrics is to help define standard key performance metrics and tests so that customers can more easily compare lighting products across the industry to make more informed purchase decisions, very much like the nutrition labeling on foods.

Look for a communication soon from AIA and EMVA regarding getting involved in these working groups and a meeting in Stuttgart at VISION 2014 for more information.

Next PlugFests

AIA's PlugFests for 2014 are planned at the following venues:

  • October 8th, Yokohama World Porters Event Hall, Yokohama, Japan (During the Fall IVSM)
  • November 7th, Messe Stuttgart/International Congress Center, Stuttgart, Germany (The day after the VISION 2014 show)
  • December 3rd, Pacifico Yokohama Convention Center, Yokohama, Japan (During the ITE show)

For PlugFests held at the IVSMs, if you are not on the Technical Committee but are a licensed user of the standard(s), you may attend.

For any of these PlugFests, please contact Bob McCurrach and provide the number of attendees and what equipment/software you intend on testing.

How You Can Get Involved with AIA Industry Standards

The AIA-hosted standards working committees are made up of a large group of companies who develop product for our industry. This dedicated group of people lends their time and expertise to advancing standards to benefit suppliers and customers alike. If you would like to get more involved by joining the Coordinating Committee or Technical committee, please follow these links:

Coordinating Committee

Technical Committee

The GigE Vision Committee is currently chaired by Eric Carey, R&D Director at Teledyne DALSA and Geoff Roddick, Manager of Applications Engineering at Pleora Technologies.

The Camera Link Committee is currently chaired by Steve Kinney, Director of Technical Pre-Sales & Support at JAI and Reynold Dodson, President at BitFlow, Inc. The Camera Link HS Technical Committee is chaired by Mike Miethig, Technical Manager at Teledyne DALSA.

The USB3 Vision committee is chaired by Eric Gross, Senior Software Engineer - Vision at National Instruments.

Bob McCurrach is AIA's Director of Standards Development and supports and oversees the committee work. If your company would like to get involved and contribute to standards development work, please contact Bob McCurrach or call + 1 734-994-6088.

For details on becoming an AIA member, visit Become a Member.

More information on Vision Standards can be found on Vision Online.