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Find a Product

Whether you need a vision component, standard vision system or a complete application-specific vision system, you'll find it right here!

With our easy to use search options, you'll find a wide range of products for a variety of applications, from standard items to the latest cutting-edge technology. And, you can take some of the guesswork out of finding vision manufacturers; these products are brought to you by trusted AIA members.

You can find industrial cameras, frame grabbers, sensors, lighting, optics, software, semiconductor components, cables, application-specific vision systems and more.

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Product Spotlight: Industrial Cameras

AIA members provide cutting-edge digital technology in the form of industrial cameras (also called machine vision cameras). Industrial cameras are often used in automated inspection, quality assurance testing, medical imaging, lab automation, video security, night vision surveillance and many other applications. Our members offer a wide range of CMOS, CCD and infrared cameras and can help OEM and end-users design and integrate the right camera for their systems. A variety of camera interfaces are available as well, including FireWire, Camera Link, Camera Link HS, GigE Vision, CoaXPress, USB 2.0, and USB3 Vision.

How an Industrial Camera Works

Typical industrial cameras include an image sensor (CCD or CMOS), lens and a digital interface. With hundreds of thousands of light sensitive cells (or pixels), the image sensor converts light into electrons. The digital interface then converts the electron output to form an image and transfers it to a computer. Industrial cameras include a variety of types. There are analog and digital cameras. Color or monochrome. In the digital arena, there are line scan and area scan cameras. Other industrial camera types include block cameras, board level cameras, UV, Infrared, HD, multi-CCD, and smart cameras.

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