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rc_reason CADMatch Software Module:
Relying on an object‘s CAD data, the rc_reason CADMatch Module enables a robotic system to reliably detect, localize and pick said objects from unmixed load carriers, fully independent of the object‘s position and orientation.

This application can significantly increase the efficiency of production processes, e.g. by automating machine tending.

Detection and localization of objects based on CAD data I Delivers grasp point(s) for reliable pick-and-place I Template creation provided as a service I Increases efficiency of automation processes I Suitable for use with any rc_visard (monochrome, color)

With the rc_reason CADMatch module, robotic systems are enabled to reliably detect, localize and pick unmixed objects e.g. from bins or cages, fully independent of the object‘s position/ orientation, based on a previously taught CAD model.

The software allows the specification of one or more grasp points per object, hence enabling picking by a two-finger gripper or a suction device.

This module runs off-board the rc_visard on an rc_cube computer (not included) and is operated through an intuitive WebGUI interface that includes a grasp-teaching interface.

The CADMatch Module requires a template of the object to be detected. This serves as input to an AppliedAI-based part training process. The creation of this template from the object‘s CAD data is available as a service through Roboception; the first five templates are included with the software purchase.

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