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LX series with 10 GigE interface:
Five new models with a 10 GigE Vision compliant interface for use with optical cables expand the Baumer LX series. The cameras are ideal for applications requiring a high bandwidth of 1.1 GB/s over long distances. In accordance with the SFP+ module used, long-distance solutions can be achieved up to 10 kilometers – without the need for media converters. Together with the reasonably-priced cables, this saves system costs. At the same time, the system design becomes simplified and extremely flexible.

Fiber optics technology has proven its worth in the IT and telecommunications field. It allows to break through the 100 m cable length limit of Gigabit Ethernet. Thereby, the system setup of large production facilities, transportation or motion analysis in sports can be simplified. A further advantage for machine vision is its insensitivity to electromagnetic interferences when used directly next to engines or other industrial devices. This can reduce the entire application’s sensitivity to interference. The cables are also extremely robust, flexible in terms of wiring and can be sharply bent, which means they can easily be integrated over long distances. Compared with the 10GBase-T transmission using copper cables, they have a lower power loss, which means that less waste heat is created and cooling measures can be reduced. By supporting IEEE 1588, the LX cameras also work in perfect synchronization in multi-camera systems.

The 10 GigE models in the LX series are the ideal choice for inspection tasks with demanding requirements on image detail accuracy and throughput. Their robust industrial design resists mechanical stress and ensures reliable, long-term image processing. Thanks to liquid lens support via RS232, they are also suitable for applications with varying working distance, such as in 2D code inspection on packages of different heights.

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