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Rapid Deployment Video Recording Kit (RDVRK):
Are you interested in tracking order fulfillment, monitoring a machine operating on the fly remotely, adding serialization without marking the part, and limiting the amount of quality repairs? The RDVRK* is a high definition modular designed video and image capturing system. The system creates a log of any video or static images captured for real-time viewing or historical record review. Whether you are inspecting products, shipments, assembly, security, or adding serialization, the RDVRK can provide powerful application monitoring and traceability results.

Base System supports up to 4 cameras and includes: 19" Display, 15' Power Reel, 8 Port Switch 4 Port POE, Ruggedized Outdoor Case with Wheels. A specific camera package can be selected based on the application needs based on resolution criteria and speed.

*US Patent Pending

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