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FG-650CL, a PCIe, open FPGA, Based CameraLink Frame Grabber:
FG-650CL is an FPGA based imaging solution that supports BASE, MEDIUM, FULL and Extended FULL CameraLink compatible cameras. The hardware is a PC plugin card but can also be used in an embedded fashion. The solution offers 8 lanes of Gen3 PCIe for host communication. An FMC-CL Cameralink FMC card is attached to the base card for interfacing to the cameras.

Interface Number of Cameras +(option) Base CL 2 (2) Medium CL 1 (1) Full CL 1 (1) Extended Full CL 1 (1)

The FG-650CL has a variety of I/O capabilities – x2 SATA connectors for real-time storage of image frames ( SATA IP core is not included). The presence of a free FMC site gives a system developer the ability to add different functionalities to this hardware through the many available FMCs from various vendors or by adding another FMC-CL to support four Base or 2 of the Medium, Full or Extended mode cameras.

FG-650CL base board comes with a Kintex UltraScale 060, 085, or 115 FPGA in A1517 package and includes: •8 Lane PCIe Gen3 •JTAG •Free FMC site (HPC) •72 bits wide, 2.5GB DDR4 2400, and config. FLASH

With an open FPGA the hardware is fully user- programmable to implement customized IP cores.

The package comprises PCIe800 FPGA card, FMC-CL Cameralink interface FMC, CameraLink capture and set up IP cores, PCIe driver, demo application, host API library, and a full user guide. Demo includes set up of camera, capture of image and buffered in FPGA for transfer to host over PCIe interface.

Features •PoCL (Power over Camera Link) v1.2 support •x2 SATA interfaces for real-time image storage with suitable SATA core (not provided) or x1 SATA and x1SFP+ •7.14 Gbit/sec Camera Link Interface •7.48 Gbit/sec FMC Interface •Acquisition pixel clock rates up to 85MHz •Real-time data transfers to FMC Carrier •PCIe format (x8 Gen3) with embedded option •supplied in Commercial or Industrial grade •ESD protection for a all Camera Link signals

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