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TrueTest™ Automated Visual Inspection Software:
When testing the quality of illuminated components, or looking for defects, multiple tests may need to be performed to inspect products for a range of evaluation criteria. TrueTest™ Software equips ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeters and Photometers to be used for in-line inspection, providing:

- a comprehensive set of predefined tests, - a flexible framework that allows you to apply a single test or sequence of tests as needed, quickly and efficiently, and - a pass/fail report with as much detail as you need.

The TrueTest software application has five main components:

- Test library - Test sequencer - Test manager (user-defined test parameters and pass/fail settings) - Test execution, automated - Report generator

TrueTest is easy to use. Any tests from the test library can be added to a test sequence (these are stored, so multiple sequences can be created and recalled as needed), and test parameters and pass/fail settings are input for each test. Then the entire sequence is run, end-to-end, automatically. Individual test results are displayed and can be recorded in a report.

Provided with TrueTest, covers standard quality tests and defect detection, including:

- Uniformity - Gradient - Line Defects - Particle Defects - Pixel Defects - ANSI Brightness - ANSI Color Uniformity - Checkerboard Contrast - Chromaticity - Distortion - Focus Uniformity - Compare Points of Interest - Points of Interest - Color Edge Mura - Color Mura - Diagonal Pattern Mura - Polarizer Deformation - Spot Pattern Mura

Additional advanced mura detection tests are available in the optional TrueMURA™ module.

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