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By: Basler AG

Latest CMOS sensor technology combined with high bandwidth and all the other advantages of the CoaXPress 2.0 standard. Boost your performance - we are heading out into new galaxies and can lift your application to a new price-performance level.

The boost series consists of modern high-performance cameras, which – thanks to CoaXPress 2.0 and modern CMOS sensors – provide excellent image quality even at high data rates.

This series is ideally suited for applications where high data rates and resolutions are required and where the camera's image data has to cover greater distances, such as for applications in the semiconductor and solar industry, display inspection (FPD), print inspection, food inspection and in medical technology.

The CoaXPress 2.0 standard offers a very attractive, simple and – above all – reliable alternative for applications that were previously implemented with options such as Camera Link or CoaXPress 1.1. Benefit from reduced complexity in your hardware setup, noticeable cost advantages and increased performance of your image processing system.

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