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Zivid Two
Model Number: Zivid Two

By: Zivid

Human-like vision for pick and place robotics.

Zivid Two gives you exceptional 3D image quality lightning fast in an ultra-compact form-factor. Design fast, reliable pick and place robots cells capable of handling a wide variety of challenging objects and scenes.

See with confidence. High quality, native color 3D point clouds for better object recognition.

Pick with confidence True to reality 3D point clouds for more accurate and reliable grasping and manipulation.

Work faster. Improved cycle time with fast 3D point cloud captures.

On-arm versatility. Unleashing the potential of on-arm mounting in pick-and-place robotics.

Industrial grade. High performance 3D camera designed, manufactured and tested for demanding industrial applications.

Reliable operation. Rugged design ensuring reliable operation in harsh industrial environments.

Lightweight magnesium housing Ruggedized all-glass optics 15G shock & 5G random IP65 rating 0° to 45°C operating temperature range

Consistent performance. Engineered and calibrated to deliver consistent high performance over the full operating temperature, camera settings and system configurations.

Floating calibration Active cooling 10 GigE Data connection

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