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Owl 640 T
Model Number: OW1.7-VS-CL-640-T

By: Raptor Photonics Limited

The World’s First SWaP Optimised ½” / VGA Sensor with VIS-SWIR Response

The Owl 640 T is the latest variant of the Owl 640 family, being the world’s first SWaP optimised ½” / VGA sensor with a 10µm x 10µm pixel pitch. The Owl 640 T offers a spectral response from 0.4µm to 1.7µm and has less than 50 electrons readout noise, with a high intra-scene dynamic range of 69dB that enables simultaneous capture of bright and dark portions of a scene.

Available with a 12 bit Camera Link output, the Owl 640 T runs from 10 to 60Hz. The camera features an on-board Automated Gain Control (AGC) which enables the best contrast imaging from a dark to bright imaging scene, as well as an on-board intelligent 3 point Non Uniform Correction (NUC), providing the highest quality images. The Owl 640 T offers ½” optical design, taking advantage of a smaller and lighter lens. The camera is the ideal solution for the Mini UAV and Gimbal market and hand-held integrated systems.

As with all Raptor cameras, the Owl 640 T is ultra-compact and rugged. The camera uses a Thermometric cooler to stabilise the sensor temperature with no fan being used.

Please note: This product is under the export control of UK government and maybe subject to an Single Individual export licence before shipment.

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