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Owl 640 A
Model Number: OW1.7-VS-AC-640

By: Raptor Photonics Limited

VGA Resolution, Low Noise, VIS-SWIR Camera

The Owl 640 A is a variant of the Owl 640 family that offers an analog output. The camera is a rugged, high sensitivity VIS-SWIR camera. Using a 640 x 512 InGaAs sensor from SCD, the Owl 640 A enables high sensitivity imaging from 0.4µm to 1.7µm. With less than 50 electrons readout noise and a peak quantum efficiency >90%, the camera enables high detection in the VIS-SWIR spectrum.

The Owl 640 A complies with the video standards CCIR (25Hz) and EIA (30Hz). The camera features an on-board intelligent Automated Gain Control (AGC) which enables clear video in all light conditions. The camera also features an on-board intelligent 3 point Non-Uniformity Correction (NUC) which provides the highest quality images.

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