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Epicor ERP

By: Encompass Solutions, Inc.

Epicor ERP is an easy-to-use solution designed to meet the needs of make-to-order and mixed-mode manufacturing companies. Epicor solutions are delivered with built-in workflow processes that enable manufacturers to manage the entire order cycle from Marketing and Sales through Production and Planning, Sourcing and Procurement, Installation and Service, and finally Financial recognition.

Epicor solutions enable the whole process to be real-time and paperless. With streamlined order cycles, an enterprise can maximize resources, minimize costs and improve profitability. Vantage is optimized for rapid installation, low training costs, simple operation and easy modification. The software will grow with your company.

Functionality spans the operational and support areas of CRM, Order and Quote Management, Product Configuration, Multi-site Management, MRP and Manufacturing Scheduling, Product Lifecycle Management, QA, Job Management, Data Collection, Field Service, full Inventory Management including supplier relationship management, and Financials, including currency management, query tools, e-business capabilities and system tools.

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