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5 MP CMOS with Polarization Filters

By: Imperx, Inc.

"See Beyond the Glare" with Imperx's C2420Y/Z camera featuring the Sony Pregius IMX-250MZR micro-polarized CMOS sensor with a native resolution of 2464 x 2056 in a 2/3” optical format delivering up to 97 frames per second with a Camera Link® Full, PoCL output. The sensor is available in monochrome (Z) or color (Y) versions and has a unique 2x2 pixel sub-array where each pixel within the sub-array blocks a different polarization filter angle (0, 45, 90 or 135 degrees). This allows the user to obtain images with four different polarization angles in each image capture. The camera allows the user to select and view images from each polarization angle or save raw image files with all four polarization angles. The C2420Y/Z’s flexibility, outstanding sensitivity, and speed make it suitable for a broad range of applications from materials science, 3d image reconstruction, or reducing glare off glass, water, and painted surfaces.

The 5MP Cheetah camera helps eliminate glare from reflective surfaces and can help visualize internal tension/stress within transparent materials. It has excellent sensitivity and exceptional dynamic range with fast frame rates in a small form factor making it ideal for a wide variety of uses in the world of machine vision.

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