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PRO4710 - Wintech Production Ready Optical Engine
Model Number: PRO4710

By: Wintech Digital System Technology Corp.

System Highlights - Modular all in one DLP®-based production ready industrial projector - DLP4710 1080p (1920x1080) DMD and DLPC34xx+ chipset - Industry leading image quality - All glass 0% offset optics, optimized for 381-650nm transmission - Less than 3 month turn around on modifications - DLP4710 and DLP4711 DMD compatible - Incorporates LED irradiance and temperature sensors

Continuing with Wintech’s industry-first modular DLP® light engine platforms found on the PRO4500 and PRO6500, Wintech has developed a compact high-resolution Production Ready Optical Engine, called the PRO4710. The PRO4710 utilizes Texas Instrument’s DLP4710 0.47” 1080p DMD and the DLPC34xx chipset. This light engine is ideal for 3D Printing and display applications requiring maximum image quality and DLP® array resolution. The system can operate at 60Hz at 8-bit grayscale.

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