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PRO4500MV - High Resolution Production Ready Optical Engine
Model Number: PRO4500MV

By: Wintech Digital System Technology Corp.

System Highlights

- Modular all in one DLP®-based production ready industrial projector - Attractive pricing at any volume - DLP4500 WXGA (912x1140) diamond pixel DMD - All glass 0% offset optics, optimized for visible light - Desirable form factor of only 120x75x55mm - Various Luminus LED (PT-39 and PT-40) and Osram LED compatibility - Compatible with s241 and s310 DMDs - Includes LightCrafter 4500 GUI and API

Wintech’s Production Ready Optical Engine for Machine Vision (PRO4500MV) is the first light engine from Wintech to specifically target the structured light markets. These markets include machine vision, AOI, and general metrology. The PRO4500MV is based on Wintech’s wildly successful PRO4500 platform but has been reengineered and optimized for cost sensitive structured light applications. While keeping value in mind, Wintech was able to retain all of the top-quality components, including all glass optics and all metal mechanicals, found in the original PRO4500.

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