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SpecGAGE3D-robot mounted


SpecGAGE3D-robot is a deflectometry sensor for the robot-guided inspection of reflective objects. Even the tiniest dents, scratches and deformations are detected reliably.

The robot-guided SpecGAGE3D enables comprehensive recording and inspection of all reflective surfaces, such as vehicle parts, sanitary ceramics, and injection-molded parts. Due to its high adaptability, the robot sensor unit can adjust quickly to component changes. Even the standard version of the sensor is designed for different measuring fields, enabling it to handle components of varying sizes.

The optimum solution for inspecting the quality of reflective surfaces: SpecGAGE3D inspection systems monitor glass, aluminum and injection-molded plastic parts in a fast, objective and transparent way. The highly sensitive deflectometry sensors detect even the slightest deviations from a perfect surface. Highly precise spot measurements at the nanometer level allow reliable detection of faulty parts. To ensure flawless products, high-resolution modules allow you to check both cosmetic criteria and functional surface properties, such as on touch displays, spotlights or technical mirrors.

Product Details: • High flexibility with regard to component changes • Measurement of large components • Measurement of strongly curved components • Deflectometry sensor with full automation capability • Different FOVs depending on the application • Defect detection, cosmetic inspection, and height measurement possible • Integration into production lines

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