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uEye FX 10GigE Machine Vision Camera

By: IDS Imaging Development Systems, Inc.

uEye FX is an industrial camera that on the one hand makes best use of current sensors in terms of high resolution, fast frame rates and high bit depth and on the other hand can easily be integrated into an existing infrastructure. The 10GigE model developed by camera specialist IDS can flexibly be used, especially when it comes to available bandwidth. The maximum speed of the camera is 10 GigE. Depending on the available infrastructure, it automatically adapts its transmission speed to the bandwidths of 5 GigE, 2.5 GigE or 1 GigE.

As a special highlight, the compact uEye FX model (60 x 60 x 90 mm) also features PoE ("Power-over-Ethernet"). This means that it can do without a power supply cable. In addition, the camera is offered with 3x Opto-IN, 2x Opto-OUT and 2x Fast-Opto-OUT. Thanks to its modular concept, uEye FX is specifically designed to integrate large-format sensors and provide large amounts of data at lightning speed. A functional concept study of the camera family with a high-resolution 12 MP sensor will be on display at the IDS VISION exhibition stand in Stuttgart, Germany, booth number 1F72.

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