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Triton - The Industrial Camera Evolved

By: Lucid Vision Labs

The Triton™ camera sets a new price performance standard in the industrial camera market. Active Sensor Alignment for superior optical performance, a lightweight, compact 29 x 29 mm size, and IP67 protection with a sealed lens tube make the Triton camera suitable for harsh industrial environments. The M12 Ethernet and M8 GPIO connectors provide a robust and sturdy connection resistant to shock and vibration. The GigE Vision and GenICam compliant Triton camera ranges from 0.4 MP to 20 MP and will include the 5 MP Sony IMX250MZR/MYR polarized sensors, the 12.3 MP Sony IMX304 global shutter CMOS and the 20 MP Sony IMX183 rolling shutter CMOS sensors. The first Triton model will be released in Q3 2018 featuring the 5 MP Sony Pregius IMX264.

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