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Telecentric Camera Objective / Machine Vision
Model Number: Bi-Telecentric Lenses

By: Opto GmbH

Opto's telecentric lenses have been designed to handle high-precision measurement tasks in machine vision. These high-quality optics have a clear advantage in the telecentric imaging on both sides (Bi-telecentrics). Due to the spatial extension of the object-sided telecentricity it can show 3-D objects with zero perspective error. The image-sided telecentricity of the system is much less dependent on the camera's mechanical tolerances while offering uniform illumination of the camera chip (no pixel vignetting). Increased measurement accuracy is achieved due to the high depth of field and exceptionally low distortion.

Representing the ideal solution for measurements of precision components, with the best performance/price ratio, the lenses are optimized for C-mount cameras which have chip sizes up to 2/3.

Documentation: http://www.opto.de/media/bi-telezentrisch_de.pdf

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