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VisionCam XM & LM

By: IMAGO Technologies GmbH

Usually, vision sensors are used to realize all those applications in a series for which the functionality of the underlying intelligent camera is sufficient.

With the VisionCam XM, IMAGO is setting a new performance mark: Following the trend in the processor market, a Linux OS on two ARM Cortex-A15 cores is running on these VisionCams. CPU-intensive operations can be outsourced to two DSP cores with a floating-point unit. Matrix sensors in the XM go up to 5 megapixels and the line sensors in the LM are up to 8k wide. For the communication, the connection is perfect: Besides GigE, the integration into a real-time Ethernet (fieldbus) is possible. Digital in-/outputs are of course still integrated. The VisionCam LM communicates with encoders via RS-422. Optionally, an integrated LED ring light provides the right lighting in the VisionCam XM, and always on board is the LED controller for up to 2 A.

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