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Ultra Distant Point Light Source
Model Number: VS60 - HW

By: Vanch Technology Co., Ltd

Voltage: 40 v Current: 1.2 A Light spot size: phi >200mm Working distance: >400mm

This light source is one of our company's ultra high brightness long distance, wide radiation light source. Luminous body adopted LED COB (Chip On Board) technology, the LED can in limited volume package very much On the amount of light emitting Chip, so the light source can also has the extremely high brightness and uniformity. High-power light source with very high calorific value, at the same time in order to solve the cooling problem, we use the copper base material of heat, LED the union between ceramic substrates and heat dissipation base part is filled with high heat conductivity of liquid metal, the end, we in the back-end heat dissipation base installation of the high speed of the fan of the whole system can heat export light source inside, with the quickest speed to the high brightness light source stability use for a long time. The LED front end is also used in the double lens lens group to maximize the brightness of the light source and output to the test surface. This source of light is mainly applicable to some applications, such as highway railway bridge related projects, or some research exploration projects. However, the extremely high brightness of the light source is also a feasible solution for some projects requiring extremely short exposure time.

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