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Intel’s® RealSense™ Technology Makes Machines Truly See and Think

By: Framos Technologies Inc.

3D sensing technology is the key to making human-machine-interaction natural and intuitive. This “perceptional computing” adds human-like sensing and intelligence to machines, and enables them to sense, understand, interact, and learn. Touchless control by eye tracking, gesture, and facial recognition enables a whole new class of consumer products, security features, and industrial solutions.

With turnkey technology, affordable economics, and market demand – 3D sensing technology is now ready for the leap into the mass market, creating future technologies. Cutting-edge solutions for both industrial and consumer applications enable innovative approaches in nearly all industries using Robotics, Drones, Surveillance & Security or Embedded Vision.

Intel®’s RealSense™ Technology is a suite of components that, when integrated into a device or machine, enable it to have the ability to understand and interact with its environment. Intel®’s RealSense™ Camera provides 3D depth sensing capability, giving devices and machines a more realistic view of the world. Intel®’s RealSense™ Tracking Modules comprehend device position and orientation, providing the ability to map and navigate in the world. Specific Intel® Middleware enables the ability to Locate, Sense, Identify, and Interact in both the real and virtual world. Intel® hardware and software platforms enable a new class of “smart” devices and machines.

3D sensing technology, for example, enables robots to grip and pickup like humans and avoid any collisions with co-workers while in motion. Drones fly around obstacles; smart homes can be controlled by the movement of a finger, and a car slows down if a driver fall asleep. The FRAMOS imaging and vision experts enable customers to use 3D sensing technology; to bring cutting-edge applications to life; and, to enable machines to see and think.

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