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Smartek HPSC4 Strobe Controller

By: Framos Technologies Inc.

If you are looking to improve productivity and are using lighting to power your vision system, it is likely a the Smartek HPSC4 can help you accomplish this. The HPSC4 is a four channel LED Current Controller designed to work as part of a vision solution, be it for the flexibility to capture fast moving objects with maximized picture sharpness or where precision levels of illumination are required.

Driving a broad range of LED illumination, it comes with a digital regulated buck and boost switching power supply with up to 120W output. The four individually controllable input and output channels enable asynchronous operation and full control over light intensity, timing, synchronization and over modulation of one of more lights for different lighting scenarios via one single controller. With its very high signal quality and stability it produces up to 40A pulse at a maximum of 50V on the output. A modern hardware design in a compact rugged housing, combined with Optimal Autosense for ideal operating conditions at any time, achieves an efficiency of more than 90%. For precise synchronization and strong overdrive options the HPSC4 comes with opto-isolated trigger inputs and separate output lines for external synchronization. The input to output delay of down to 2µs allowing pulses with a resolution of up to 1µs / 1mA and durations from 1µs to 60s. The various HPSC4 operating modes - from external, internal and software triggered to continuous operation - allow you to select the synchronization type best suited to your application.

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