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MicroHAWK UHD Barcode Readers

By: OMRON Automation - Americas

MicroHAWK UHD Autofocus reads and decodes tiny, difficult-to-read codes including Data Matrix symbols as small as 2 mil, and includes a fully-integrated true Autofocus system that automatically selects the optimal settings right out of the box, providing best-in-class performance.

Unlike other products that require special accessories to magnify small symbols, Microscan’s UHD optics are fully-integrated within the MicroHAWK’s imaging system and have been custom-designed to decode tiny symbols at a distance of 40 to 150 mm. The reader’s advanced imaging technology eliminates the need to spend time analyzing various configuration options before deployment. Setup time is minimal and does not require an investment in additional accessories.

Liquid lens technology was first offered by Microscan in 2009 with the QX Hawk Industrial Imager. Since the introduction of the MicroHAWK platform for barcode reading and machine vision in 2016, Microscan has been setting the pace for high-performing miniature devices that can be easily embedded and configured.

“We have designed MicroHAWK UHD Autofocus to meet the needs of manufacturers requiring the ability to read tiny barcodes and symbols in difficult locations or at varying distances. Our new product is a tremendously advantageous combination of high performance, flexibility, ease of use, and a very competitive price,” stated Jason Dobbs, Global Product Manager at Microscan.

MicroHAWK UHD Autofocus is offered in the ID-30 and ID-40 models with the SXGA 1.3 megapixel sensor, various lighting options, and with or without a polarizer. This new offering is designed to read the symbols at a short range of 40 mm to 150 mm and is available for purchase beginning July 18, 2017. A long-range version of the product is scheduled for release by the end of 2017.

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