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Vision Image Management Software

By: eFlex Systems

eFlex Vision is a central image storage product by eFlex Systems that provides an integrated environment for managing and retrieving process images from vision inspection systems. eFlex Vision’s exclusive technology and software can be applied to any process in manufacturing, medical, industrial, government, pharmaceuticals, financial, and security, among others, and also integrates with any type of vision inspection cameras.

The eFlex Vision Difference: Why integrate eFlex Vision with your vision inspection system?

  • Save time and money while reducing first-time quality issues caused by false rejects and camera related downtime.
  • Reduce first-time quality occurrences through vision storage and camera monitoring strategies.
  • Monitor camera performance deterioration.
  • Capabilities include:

  • Web-based
  • Sort and search through thousands of images with ease
  • Use numerous search criteria and quickly pinpoint images by date, time, camera, product, serial number, pass/fail, and more
  • Reduces the amount of PCs on the plant floor
  • Reduces first-time quality occurrences
  • Aids in the containment of quality spills
  • Provides alerts for predictive maintenance
  • Provides text and email system alerts
  • Enables comprehensive and historical statistical reports
  • Traceability and image management helps for Federal Regulation #FDA21 CFR Part 11 audit trail capability- helps protect against warranty claims
  • Off-site Features

  • Off-site image storage services with secure web viewer
  • Mobile viewing on portable devices
  • Large storage capability with image and data retrieval
  • Off load local IT resources
  • Comprehensive reporting

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