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VS-TEV Series

By: VST America Inc.

VS-TEV SERIES 1.1" Format Variable Mag. Telecentric Lens (0.3-0.5/0.5-0.75/0.75-1.0x)

With 1.1" large format sensor support and a 3.45µm pixel resolution the VS-TEV series excels at delivering a clear high quality image. It's three variable magnification ranges of 0.3x - 0.5x, 0.5x - 0.75x, 0.75x - 1x have you covered at every spectrum.

·1.1" sensor support ·3 models available ·3.45µm resolution ·Variable Magnification ·Adjustable DOF ·High Telecentricity ·Variable iris allows for easy DOF and contrast balance adjustment

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