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Cheetah C4180 and C4181 CMOS Cameras

By: Imperx, Inc.

IMPERX’s new C4180 and C4181 incorporate the On Semiconductor Python NOIP1SN012KA CMOS image sensor with a native resolution of 4096 x 3072 (C4180 12 MP) and 4096 x 4096 (C4181 16 MP) in a 35mm optical format delivering up to 54 frames per second for the C4180 and 40 frames per second for the C4181 in global shutter mode with a Camera Link® Deca, PoCL output. CMOS technology eliminates smear columns from areas of ultra-bright intensity and specular reflections in uncontrolled lighting applications. The Imperx Cheetah line provides excellent image quality with Imperx proprietary processing. However, Imperx puts you in control and gives you full access to raw data without corrections. By using the simple intuitive Graphical User Interface, you can quickly apply or remove image corrections. The C4180 and C4181’s flexibility and image quality make it suitable for a broad range of diverse and demanding applications, but “one size doesn’t fit all” and Imperx can help optimize the camera to your exacting requirements.

Cheetah C4180 and C4181 CMOS includes various features for easy integration into any imaging system.

• Global shutter • Large 4.5 µm pixels • Excellent Sensitivity • Available as Monochrome or extended-NIR enhanced Monochrome • Ultra-low fixed pattern noise • Exceptional blooming suppression • Correlated Double Sampling (CDS) • Fast Frame rates • Color and monochrome pixel averaging • Auto-white balance • Two 12-bit look-up table • Programmable triggers • Programmable strobes • Defective pixel correction, hot pixel correction

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