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MVTec Embedded Vision Software

By: MVTec Software GmbH

MVTec's machine vision software HALCON and MERLIC run perfectly on embedded devices and thus enable innovative and high-performing embedded vision products, available on the market as bundles or standard software products.

Within these products, our software allows for fast implementation and maximum compatibility (e.g., regarding operating systems and architectures). This is also thanks to the fact that HALCON by default is ready to be used on Arm®-based platforms without further porting.

Furthermore, HALCON and MERLIC facilitate great flexibility for configuring and/or programming embedded vision applications.

MVTec's division "Embedded Vision" offers software solutions that are especially tailored to the needs of embedded vision devices. When developing our software products, we ensure that these achieve optimal performance on all platforms (PC & Embedded). MVTec's software makes use of special acceleration technologies such as automatic operator parallelization, GPU acceleration, or the "NEON" instruction set extension, which can bring an enormous increase in performance on Arm®-based platforms.

To optimize implementation, our software also supports all relevant interfaces, such as GigE Vision and Video4Linux for image acquisition or the OPC UA interface for communication with the PLC.

Find more info on www.mvtec.com/products/embedded-vision

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