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Capturing consistent color images

By: FLIR (formerly Point Grey)

Capturing Consistent Color


Whether you're sorting fruits and vegetables or inspecting sneakers, capturing accurate color and rich details at high speed with guaranteed reliability calls for certain characteristics in a camera.


The Blackfly S combines the latest CMOS sensors with advanced color algorithms and includes:

• A color correction matrix for accurate color reproduction under any lighting conditions

• Excellent sensitivity and dynamic range to maximize image contrast

• Precise triggering to guarantee image capture at high speed Model Number TYPE MP SENSOR MAX RES MAX FPS BFS-U3-13Y3C-C Color 1.3 MP ON Semi PYTHON 1300 CMOS 1280 x 1024 170 FPS BFS-U3-32S4C-C Color 3.2 MP Sony IMX252 CMOS 2048 x 1536 118 FPS BFS-U3-51S5C-C Color 5.0 MP Sony IMX250 CMOS 2448 x 2048 75 FPS

Link: https://www.ptgrey.com/truecolor

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