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MIO Series Intelligent I/O for FLIR Thermal Cameras
Model Number: MIO-AX8

By: MoviTHERM - Advanced Thermography Solutions

The MoviTHERM MIO Intelligent I/O module is an add-on, Ethernet based I/O module. It provides up to eight digital alarm outputs and eight channels of 4 to 20mA analog outputs for temperature monitoring. The MIO-AX8 is compatible with FLIR AX8 cameras. One MIO I/O module supports up to seven FLIR AX8 cameras. Adding additional MoviTHERM MIO I/O modules to the network with expand the system.

Easy Configuration via built-in Web-Server
The MIO Series Intelligent I/O module comes with a built-on web-server for easy configuration. No additional software is needed to setup your thermal monitoring system when using the MoviTHERM MIO I/O module. The web-server interface is intuitive. Simply add the IP address of each of the connected FLIR cameras. Select the desired alarm logic from drop down menus. Safe your settings to the non-volatile memory of the MIO Series Intelligent I/O module and start monitoring instantly.

Reliable, Rugged and Fool-proof
Most of today’s monitoring systems are based on PCs running MS Windows Operating Systems. These systems are plagued with system failures and reliability issues. This is not a good proposition for monitoring critical systems, equipment or assets.

MoviTHERM’s Intelligent I/O module is different. It is based on a reliable and proven embedded architecture. No PC, Operating System or Hard Drives to worry about. It’s only job is to monitor FLIR® Thermal Cameras and alarm you, if a temperature gets out of bounds. It even detects if a camera stops communicating, is powered off or disconnected.

Each module comes standard with reverse polarity protection, transient suppression, thermal overload protection and optical isolation.

MoviTHERM has designed the MIO-AX8 and MIO-A310 module to be future-proof as well. The module’s firmware can be upgraded in the field. Just download the latest firmware from our website and use the built in web browser interface to apply the update. You will have to enter a password.

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