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GigE Vision FPGA IP Solution

By: OKI IDS Co. Ltd.

GigE Vision FPGA IP Solution from OKI Information Systems is an FPGA embedded camera interface platform with GigE Vision compliance which transfers input image data to Gigabit Ethernet by GigE Vision protocol. CPU embedded on FPGA has GigE Vision protocol stack/MAC driver/PHY driver, which enable Ethernet image transfer by GigE Vision protocol with single chip. Having UDP/IP OFFLOAD ENGINE to packetize the image into GigE Vision compliant packet stream, it is possible to transfer image with making full use of Gigabit Ethernet bandwidth, enabling real-time capturing of high bandwidth Ethernet image using GigE Vision protocol only with single FPGA.

GigE Vision FPGA IP Solution is provided with reference design that works on XILINX FPGA evaluation board, Software Development Kit as stream receiver PC software, as well as Filter drive that reduces CPU load, allow shorter development time. XILINX FPGA is supported.

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