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GigE Vision FPGA IP Core
Model Number: Receiver

By: Sensor To Image GmbH

The Sensor to Image GigE FPGA Core for ALTERA and XILINX FPGA is a solution for application designers of machine vision components to make use of the proven GigE Vision protocol without the need of implementing this protocol from scratch or to buy third party GigE hardware modules. So the designer is able to focus his work on the device functionality not on connectivity.

The core implements the Control Channel software based in an embedded CPU, whereas the high performance Streaming Channel is fully implemented in hardware. This architecture ensures best performance, but also easy adaption to custom vision hardware. Together with memory controller and MAC unit, a full solution can be supplied.

Several reference designs for both sender and receiver applications are available and demonstrate the usage of the core. Supported platforms are Xilinx and Altera FPGAs

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